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  1. Hi Jessica. This is Trung, the young boy you met on the Delta plane to Japan. I’ve been wanting to write to you since coming back home, but I was too excited telling everyone I met a professional writer!! I think I’ve been more honest to myself since I met you. I’m more proud of myself and what I present. In fact, here is a slightly embarassing but fun story: I used to meet random people on dating apps to release my frustration and urges, both sexual and FOMO. I really never connect with them on a personal level. But since I met you, I’ve made and kept in touch with 3 of the people from Tinder and Bumble (we’ve been telling intimate stories together). I do not feel shame telling them about the fact that I have eating disorder, I cry when I’m alone and most importantly my Viet identity has morphed to become something more unique and more me. I kept on thinking about that encounter with you and I really am thankful that we met.

    I really hope this email comes through. And as 2022 comes to an end. I hope our the serendipity of which we met will spring to a delightful relationship. I really wish I can have a pen-pal relationship that you had with your favorite authors. And I will appreciate your books and MFA recommendations everytime! I hope you are enjoying Japan and I wish you and your family a Happy 2023 ahead.


    January 23, 2023 at 3:15 pm

    Trung! So glad to hear from you. Happy new year and now, happy lunar new year! I missed this when it came in somehow, but I was delighted to meet too and honored to get to hear your poetry. And thank goodness you told me about Chat GPT. It’s all anyone’s talking about now! Ha. I want to talk to my students about using it the way you did, as a collaboration rather than a replacement. Japan was restorative. I hope being home was for you too. I’m so happy to hear your relationships are going well. Hope the writing is too! I’m off to do mine now, but more soon, and wishing you even more of the good stuff.

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