“It Had Been Planned and There Were Guides.” FC2. Fiction Collective Two. September 30th, 2015. Print.


Some Stories

Anthem at The Collagist

Your Mom at Jellyfish Review

Arrivederci at Psychopomp

A Normal Cloven Hoof at Adroit

River Box at Wigleaf

Her Own Riddle at The Collagist

Come on with this. at BOAAT

Starboard at Corium Magazine

Dear X at NANO Fiction

Roebling at The Collagist

House Hunt at The Masters Review

Songbun Song at Joyland Magazine

Not the Problem at PANK Magazine

All She Had at Hobart

Free Baby at Corium Magazine


Some Poems and Other

Song for Someone Not Named You at Pouch

Three Poems at Sundog

Two Poems at Posit

Grand Story of the Entire World at Big Lucks

Fissure in the Plastic Dome at Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“but her hands are miraculous” at The Reprint


Some Print

“Atmosphere.” Blue Earth Review. Blue Earth Review Issue 15. May 2016. Print.

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“The Lips the Teeth the Tip of the Tongue.” Indiana Review. Indiana Review Volume 36 Issue 2. January 2015. Print.

“Call Me Silk.” Western Humanities Review. Western Humanities Review Volume 62 Issue 2. August 2014. Print.

“Elimination Song.” Caketrain. Caketrain [a journal and press]. Issue 11. January 2014. Print.

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  1. Hi! I’ve read your short, ‘House Hunt’ on The Master’s Review and enjoyed it a lot. Thought I’d browse over to your site. Congrats on your book!

    Young Lee

  2. Hey, thanks! So nice to hear from fellow writers!

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